{March 6 2012}



i think its about time to give to my followers and others :) so i hit 100 a while back and i wanted to do a little give away and maybe gain more from giving lol

so the whole thing consists of stuff i either have more then one of,have something better of,or just never use anymore now im going to try and list off all of the stuff but sorry if i leave anything off

  • yellow slip on vans (they look messy but thats the design) (7)
  • white leather purse
  • harry potter wand from harry potter world
  • coral j crew shorts (8)
  • pink and black skirt (8)
  • peach shorts with cute blue shells from florida (10)
  • minnitoka moccasins (8)
  • peach victoria secret puppy
  • old navy fashion ankle boots (8)
  • blue vans (7.5)
  • red calculous toms (8)
  • iphone 4s (16 gb)
  • macbook
  • ipod touch (8gb)

so you guys should know the deal with giveaway rules but here is a refresher:




  • MUST follow me (I will check, if you dont follow me i will choose someone else)
  • you can reblog as much as you want, the more you do the more you have a chance
  • likes do NOT count (i wont disqualify if you like but it still wont count)
  • please dont hassle me with asks
  • dont delete the words on the post (i dont mind going through your archive and checking if you win and if you do then i will choose someone else)
  • you MUST have your ask open

any inquiries about this go ahead and ask but it not guaranteed i will answer,sorry, i will use a randomizer of course to choose and this all will end in a months time on april 4th :) ill try my hardest to remember that lol if you want you can shoot me a msg when its close to the end period to remind me but ill most likely remember :)
so yeah good luck guys and may the odds be in your favor ;)
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