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So excited to read this.

My dad loaned this to Jordan and he’s been really enjoying it and showing me parts of it. I cannot wait to read it myself. It’s actually really fascinating even for Christians - it’s written from a Christian perspective. Definitely look into it ^^

{January 7 2012}


Santorum suggests a dad in prison is better than a gay dad; faces more NH hecklers


Ohhh, Santorum. Oh you.
I don’t even know where to start with this assholery. Every lie that your mouth emits is a lower and lower blow.
I honestly didn’t know it was possible for you to fall any lower in my mind, but somehow you managed to do it, you fuckass. Oh, you. This is so ridiculous it’s almost comical.

You’re really going to face the world and proudly say, “Even fathers in jail who had abandoned their kids were still better than no father at all to have in their children’s lives,” are you? Do you have any idea what you’re telling me? Do you?
You know, it takes a lot of blind privilege to say something so off-target and not think twice about it.

You took your attacks on the LGBTQ community (which are already unjust as it is) and doubly aimed them at people who have lived through dysfunctional homes, abuse, violence, and poverty.
How the fuck do you MANAGE to do this? Why do you attack the people who are at their weakest? The people who need the most support? Do you just want an easy fucking target or what? I just don’t get you at all.

I happen to be one of those oh so “fortunate” people that you’re talking about. I have a mother and a father. My father has been imprisoned for life, for murdering my stepmother no less. He is in prison, but he is still my father. You say this is crucial to my well being. That I deserved and needed this.
That man is in prison because he is dangerous and violent. He was hateful. He harmed everyone. He did not love.
Yet, you have the fucking gall to tell me that this was better for my well-being than growing up with loving, same-sex parents would have been.
How fucking dare you.

Let me tell you something, Rick.
Growing up with heterosexual parents does not mean that you’re in a family that takes care of you, loves you, or respects you or one another. It does not mean that you are safe. It does not mean you are in a good home.

Wanna know something else, Rick? Yeah, I’m also part of the community you intentionally attacked. I’m pansexual.
Now, let me get this straight. On top of telling me it was better for me to grow up with dysfunctional heterosexual parents than to have caring same-sex parents, you are also telling me that if I have a same-sex partner and want to raise a child, I will be harming them more than my own parents did to me? No matter how much my partner and I love, nurture, and take care of this kid, I’m harming them even more than my father did to me and my family?

You know… that’s painful.

Usually, I ignore shit like this. They’re the words of internet trolls, of people who seek to prick and harm for no reason.
But there is a difference here. You’re not an anonymous internet asshat. You’re a candidate for United States presidency.

A president doesn’t attack their own citizens.
You are an embarrassment to this country and what it means to be a leader.
I am ashamed, and you should be ashamed too.

This makes me want to cry. It’s perfect. Everyone should read this.

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yes, don't listen to all that hate. you're one of the people on tumblr whose text posts and responses i bother to read all the way, since you speak sense, and are quite lovely with giving advice to people who need someone to be there for them. the way you give advice to anons in need is respect worthy. people notice that and pay attention :P

That make me so happy! Sometimes I feel like no one listens. It’s really nice when I find out someone does. Wow, just thank you so much. Everyone go follow! I just saw you’re from Toronto :) Why are no tumblr-ers from Belleville?! Anyways. I’m glad you think I give decent advice. I get a lot of crap for being angry in some posts. I’m glad someone sees past that and knows that when it counts anyone could come to me, with anything.