{December 21 2011}


There is no doubt that the financial sector bones people daily. I'm saying that instead of feeling powerless about that, we should just call them up and say, "Charge me less money for this shit." It works a lot of the time - you can reduce your debt! And then you will have less debt to pay off so you can spend more time occupying and writing your goddamn senators. Don't feel helpless! That's the first stage of complacency!


Wow. Are you actually serious?

Damn right I don’t feel helpless, and neither do a lot of American liberals trying to change things. I’ll never be complacent.

But the tough part is being forced to live in a world of evil banks and credit cards. We HAVE to go along with this stuff to survive. I’m so confused.

You seriously believe you can just give away your debt by saying no? What country do you live in…

{December 20 2011}


By the way as far as Occupy Atlanta's victory goes: banks and credit card companies are staffed by thinking, FEELING human beings. If you call them up and ask them to cut your debt or extend your payment or whatever, most of the time they will do it. People need to feel financially empowered instead of thinking of themselves as being at the mercy of the banks. You control your own destiny, NOT the finance sector! So publish this and tell people they can take control of their own money :-)

I agree about one thing:  in no way am I saying that the average worker at a bank is a heartless zombie. In fact, the average worker is probably being fucked over while their CEO earns millions per year. However, banks and credit card companies are COMPANIES. Their only goal is to make money. Your idea is nice, in theory, but it simply doesn’t work in the real world.  Their job is not to help you. Their job is to earn as much as possible. Occupy Atlanta helped a FUCKING IRAQ VETERAN keep their home. The same soldiers, who the United States government is telling us to respect and support, are having the same problems everyone else is having. Banks don’t give a FUCK if you’ve been a good person. Yeah, ask for assistance from the bank by all means. But don’t think for three seconds that when it comes down to it, they’re gonna choose compassion over money.

You are not in control of your money, this anon has no idea what they are talking about. You’re not empowered. You can be the most frugal and intelligent person financially and still get fucked by corporations. 

Don’t believe me?