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This is so cute, haha. 

Not entirely accurate, but cute as fuck.  

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I'm glad you live in Canada and don't have to deal with the illegals coming over the boarder. They come over, have their children here so their kids are automatically citizens, and then they will get full benefits. but since the parents aren't legal, they aren't paying taxes. It's part of the problem of why our country is shit. but I'm glad you don't have to deal with it

First of all, calling them ‘illegals’ makes me automatically lose some respect for you. But, since you’re clearly trying to be decent, I’ll try too. Firstly, Canada does have illegal immigrants. However we tend to realize they are human beings, not a subspecies called ‘illegals’. I personally think people should consider where these people are coming from and why they want to come to the United States. Firstly, if you had more fair immigration laws, there would be fewer immigration laws. I’d like to see everyone that lives in the United States now have to take the citizenship test. A lot of you would be thrown back to the country of your ancestors if you didn’t have the privilege of being born there. Firstly, the media makes illegal immigration into this massive monster. NEWS FUCKING FLASH. The approx. ten million ‘illegals’ who aren’t paying income tax on their would-probably-be minimum wage jobs are NOT the reason your country is fucked up. If any of the one percent paid their fair share of taxes, the problem would be greatly improved. But no, continue to act as though people desperate to come to a better life for their children are monsters who are ruining America. Hey mexican citizens come to Ontario! You can live with me! I won’t tell.

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Wow, last night -_-

So we got a call from a teenager Jordan and I mentor at our Church - I love her, but she does have a ton of issues, always depressed, etc. So she apparently thinks she broke her ribs. I was in bed at eleven last night, and Jordan comes in and is like ‘Well, we gotta go stay with her at the hospital”. AGH. So I drag myself out of comfy bed, we drive half an hour.. She’s already been at the hospital for an hour and a half, and then is finally seen like an hour later. And then, after coming back for another half hour, we need to go to the X-Ray waiting room. For another hour. Then her X-rays. By the time she’s done it was 2. >.< It’s just unnecessary. I find it so upsetting. “Let’s privatize health care to avoid wait times” instead of “Let’s fund more staff for shorter wait times!”. It drives me nuts. I hope I never live in this country where when I am sick I end up having to pay thousands to be taken care of, just so I don’t need to wait. 

{September 19 2011}


I’m so lucky. I have no reason to complain. But I still have problems.

Why are we all like this? Why are even the most lucky and fortunate riddled with ridiculous problems?

Reasons I should have low self-esteem:

  • None that most people notice

Reasons I should have higher self-esteem:

  • I’m a kind person
  • I like to make people happy
  • I am smart
  • I am pretty
  • I weigh around 130 pounds at 5’5, and that should be fine
  • I have an amazing family who supports all I do
  • I have a best friend I’ve known since childhood who has always been supportive
  • I have a boyfriend who literally does everything possible to make me feel beautiful and wanted and smart and funny every day

The fuck is wrong with me?!?!?!

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