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Hey, I can see you’ve taken an interest in Invisible Children. While it’s great that you want to help, I thought I’d let you in on a few facts. I know it’s a little long, but hear me out here, because this is really, really important.

By now you’ve seen Invisible Children’s awareness campaign, and I’m sure you’re referring to it as such. Did you know, however, that their “awareness campaign” is seeking direct military intervention in Africa? With no real grasp of the situation, these supposedly well meaning Westerners have intervened and effectively helped to make things much worse in Northern Uganda, where Kony has not been operating for five years. In fact, his army is now only 200 strong, and trapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country which was brought to the most devastating war since World War II by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and the neighbouring Rwandan leader, Paul Kagame. 

Over 6,000,000 died. The death toll is still rising. The war is over, but the fighting is still ongoing. Museveni made the decision to head into a Second Congo War without the consent of the Ugandan parliament. He acted on his own in order to head into the Congo to take down his once ally, Laurent Kabila. While in the Congo, he defied his own conventions, lied to his parliament and his people, and deployed hundreds of kilometres away from where he said he was going in order to secretly fight a war against Kabila while maintaining the facade that it was a mission to halt genocide. In actuality, Museveni’s troops led a horrendous genocide against millions of people, killing children, the elderly, and the otherwise infirm, and for no discernable reason. Unlike Joseph Kony’s 30,000 captured and dead, Museveni led an army against over 6,000,000 people who were raped, tortured, slaughtered in groups, and forced to watch their country decimated without purpose. Well, except to destabilize the region and allow Western corporations to easily set up mining operations in order to mine valuable coltan and other rare minerals. The United States government, whom people are now asking to intervene, were all in favour of the Second Congo War, in fact. In their words, it protected the interests of the region. In reality, it protected corporate interests which have allowed the United States to profit off the deaths of millions.

He has attempted in the past few years to invade the Congo again. And again.

If you’re wondering why I’m bringing all this up, it’s because Invisible Children seeks to further empower Museveni. They have already given him the ability to launch wars in the name of protecting his country. Just like how he protected his country when he threw Northern Ugandan Alcholi people into internment camps 20 years ago in order to “protect them from the LRA,” where many starved to death and were most definitely unable to work. The Alcholi people, for reference, had just fought a rebellion against Museveni’s regime that led to their defeat. Invisible Children, in the name of protecting children, seeks to empower a man who once threw his own citizens into camps and let them die like dogs. 

That’s your back story.

Invisible Children works with warlords and rebel leaders who have tenuous relationships with one another, seeking to grant them power without any care as to what will happen after Kony is gone. If the LRA situation were ever to come to an end, war between factions could break out, and the Central African region could be thrust into another civil war, not that it ever really ended.

But it will likely never be over. What you’ve been told is that without constituent approval, the USA will pull out of Uganda, but that’s absolutely untrue. They’ve never once said that, and it would be outside their interests. The USA has been sending aid for the LRA mission in Uganda for years, which has led to a bill proposed by Invisible Children and eventually passed as a result of their incessant lobbying. It is called the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act, which allows Northern Uganda to legally invade nearby nations if they believe the LRA is within their borders. This has allowed the dictator Museveni’s army to loot and plunder the Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo for resources, while simultaneously raping their women and children, and destroying their villages and infrastructure. They also induct ex-LRA child soldiers into their own army, whom are uncompensated for their works as well as untrained. Thanks to Invisible Children, people are losing their homes and their resources, while others are left vulnerable to repeated sexual assault, disfigurement, or death, all at the hands of the dictator Museveni. In these raids within other countries, Uganda has been repeatedly criticized for failing to attempt to search for or capture the LRA. They loot, they plunder, they rape, they kill, they leave.

Neither the Ugandan, nor the United States government have any reason to actually capture and kill Kony. With Kony gone, Uganda would lose its unique power to legally invade other nations. For the USA, it would halt their AFRICOM missions in Uganda, which allow them to secure African resources away from both rural citizens and the Chinese, who have expanded into Africa heavily over the last decade or so. This is the United States finding an entry point into Africa so they can expand their empire further through the hording of resources and by launching military missions of interest within Central Africa. Both Uganda and the United States can thank Invisible Children for granting them their abilities, all made possible by the furthered existence of Joseph Kony. They will not hunt Kony. They have no reason to.

Citizens in all four affected LRA countries (Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic, and Democratic Republic of Congo) have spoken out against Invisible Children and their cause. Many want them gone. Invisible Children has undermined local aid in order to implement their own misguided programs which end up wasting money at best, if not degrading the quality of life in the region. By eliminating Uganda’s ability to help Uganda, you lose Ugandan insight into Ugandan issues, while simultaneously taking jobs away from Ugandan citizens who could be working to address the problems themselves. In fact, their safe transport program is used almost entirely by drifters who panhandle from city to city on NGO money. This program is available only within Northern Uganda where the LRA has been inactive for over five years. The people of Northern Uganda are living peacefully now, and they do not require safe transport. The program can only be utilized for useless means. It is a waste of money.

It should also be noted that Invisible Children’s government lobbying technically puts them in violation of the non-profit act. This could constitute tax fraud. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Their video is fancy, and on the surface promotes a positive message. However, you have to ask yourself, what does awareness do when the people who are becoming aware are a bunch of misguided North American college students? We in Canada and the USA have no knowledge of what life is like in Uganda. We don’t understand their political or social climate. We don’t understand their geography, or the relationships between businesses and the citizens of the country. Still, as Westerners, we assume that somehow we have the answer to this problem. Do you think Ugandans understand life in Canada? In that case, should they be put in charge of our social programs, and should they be lobbying within our government?

Joseph Kony is not a disease, but a symptom of something endemic within Central Africa. At the root of the problem are people like Yoweri Museveni, who have destabilized the region and brought slaughter and genocide, allowing groups like the LRA to perpetuate and even flourish. Kony is one of dozens of similar warlords operating in the same region, but Kony is more transparently evil in his motives, making him more attractive as an enemy. He is someone we can all supposedly stand up and fight against despite these efforts granting power to dictatorships and rebel warlords, which might ultimately end more lives than the LRA could ever dream of. 

Every assault against Joseph Kony has made the situation worse. It has caused him to panic, which has caused him to raid more villages, which has caused him to rape and murder more people and induct more soldiers into his army. Child soldiers, the same as Museveni used to use. Continuing to fight him in this non-strategic manner can only help him to perpetuate, and can only cause more deaths.

If you want to help, donate to charities within Africa. Donate to organizations run by Africans in the countries of their designation. Donate to infrastructure, donate to medical development, and donate to education. Do not send your money or your awareness towards African causes that we have no hope of helping or even understanding. I know people want to raise awareness, but raising awareness isn’t the answer. The answer is to empower the African people to make their own choices by helping to organically develop their society. If you operate under your own assumptions, you risk losing the trust of the people and hurting them further (Swaziland). If you operate too quickly, you risk developing their country beyond their means and hurting them further again (Central African Republic). But worst of all, if you operate within their government, you risk granting dictators and misers the power to subjugate and end millions of lives (Uganda).

Going after Joseph Kony is like decapitating someone to try and cure their dandruff.












http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/ugtoc.html - Jordan-Michael Seifert

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