{September 30 2011}


My name is Stefanie Michelle. I’m 19, and I turn 20 on April 12.  I want to be brilliant, to inspire people, to change the world. I love singing. I also love photography and landscapes and cute animals and whatever else. I’m an agnostic atheist - I also post about religion sometimes. I love making new friends and I like to think I’m really nice :) I love giving advice, but I can’t promise I’m good at it. I hate talking about myself, but I like blogging about myself.  I live in Trenton, Ontario, Canada, with my boyfriend Jordan. I love him immensely and we plan to stay together and get married and make weird kids. I love reading lists and also Cracked. I support most liberal political ideas - gay marriage, pro-choice, legalize weed, secular government, etc. I don’t smoke pot. I hate when people take things too far with their liberal beliefs. I love alcohol and Jordan and I are wine snobs but I don’t really know hardly anything about wine. I’m a full time volunteer (so is Jordan) at a tutoring centre for low-income families. I get to work with kids all the time and I love it.  The people I work with as well as the kids we help are some of the most fantastic people. I get to be the librarian in our little library and play with all the kids books and sometimes sneak on tumblr.  I love my family and I miss living with them sometimes. My sister Katy is 17 and my sister Annie is 13 and they’re the most amazing. I like learning a whole lot about random things that have nothing to do with  my life. Diet Faygo is my favourite drink, and I hate juggalos. I struggle with weight and body image every day. I’m 5’4 and around 130. I have brown eyes and hair and a pale as fuck white face and I take too many pictures to make myself feel more adequate. This is going on forever. 

ANYWAYS. I follow back blogs I like, check out blogs any time, usually promo people if they ask/when I can, I love inboxes, I’m really nice. If you want me to see something, please tag it with ‘visceralbeauty' - visceral-beauty will not work!